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Bride's Phone Number
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About the Groom
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Getting Ready
Where & When
Where & When
Where and when will the Bride begin her wedding day preparation? Please list the name and address if not the ceremony location.
Where will the Bride have her final preparation taking place (last of makeup and hair finishing touches) on the wedding day? Please list the name and address if not the ceremony location.
Groom Getting Ready
Would the groom like getting ready photos taken? This can be possible if the bride and groom are getting ready at the same location. What time will the boys be getting ready?
When are the guys getting ready?
Do you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony?
If yes,
If you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony, would you like all family photos completed before the ceremony as well? (We suggest this option)
Where is your Wedding Ceremony taking place? Please list the venue name and address as well as the contact name and e-mail.
Venue Contact
Venue Contact
Approximately how long is the drive from the Getting Ready location to the Ceremony location (if different)?
We usually end all the photos a half and hour before the Ceremony begins. Would you like the photos to end any earlier and if so, at what time would you like the pre ceremony photos completed?
Tell us about any restrictions or guidelines at your ceremony location that we should be aware of. Please include any time restrictions as to how early or how late we are permitted to be on the location.
Is this a religious wedding? If so, which religion?
Ceremony Time
Ceremony Time
Is there a time set for the Ceremony yet? If so, list the time.
Approximately how long will the ceremony last?
Will you be having a receiving line? This will impact the order of events in the itinerary.
Common Family Photos
This is a basic list we use for family portraits. If there are additional family group photos that you would like, please list them here. When requesting certain group combinations for family portraits, we suggest keeping the attendance to a minimum. Taking large extended family photographs, or photos with relatives you aren't as close with, requires those guests to be quite early to the ceremony and also cuts significant time away from other photo opportunities. Our recommendation is honestly thinking about which images you will print or use in the future and only listing those. Please add names to each group combination (i.e. Bride and Groom with grandma, Betty). We'd prefer to call out (for example) Grandma Betty than just "the bride's grandma!" when taking family photographs.
Are there any specific family situations (divorces, deaths, etc) that we should know about and be sensitive to?
Please list the names and relationships of Bride’s immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents)
Please list the names and relationships of Groom’s immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents)
Where will your Reception take place? Please list the venue name and address as well as the contact name and e-mail.
Venue Contact
Venue Contact
Reception Address
Reception Address
Approximately how long is the drive from the Ceremony location to the Reception location (if different)?
Is there a time at this point when you need/want to be at the Reception?
What is the transportation situation for the day? Will there be a limo/party bus? Is One:One photographing and riding along?
Do you have a formal exit planned? Is it at the end of the ceremony or the end of the reception? How will your guests be sending you off (bubbles, sparklers, petals, etc)?
Will there be a place setting for One:One staff at the reception?
Typically we scout locations closer to the wedding day, but are there any specific locations that you would like your family, wedding party, and/or Bride and Groom photos taken?
As you know, we love additional creative opportunities to photograph our clients having FUN on their wedding day! We suggest thinking of one thing that sets you or your bridal party apart from others. This could include confetti cannons, stopping to get ice cream cones, wading in a lake, or everyone with some kind of favor (fake mustaches, matching cups, funny sunglasses, etc). The options are endless, and we expect this to be one of your favorite photographs from the whole day. Let's have some fun! Please note in the space below if there will be any cool prop or location ideas!
Are there any special traditions or special things that we should know about that will happen on your wedding day?
What is your first dance song?
Approximately how many wedding guests are you expecting?
Please list the following vendors:
Please list all bridesmaids and groomsmen and their relationship to the Bride or Groom.
Please list additional wedding party members (i.e. Flower girl, Ring Bearer, Personal Attendant, etc)
Where did you purchase your wedding dress? Bridesmaid dresses? Tuxes?
When will you depart for your honeymoon?
New Address
New Address
Will the address that you gave us at the time of booking change once you get married? If so, please list the new address.
We would really love to connect with you in person to run over the itinerary and say hello. We know you're crazy busy with last minute wedding details. Would you happen to have any availability before the wedding day?
Is there anything else that you’d like to communicate with us?