We have had a long time partnership with Gateway Church in Downtown Des Moines, IA. So when Paul came to us hoping we could give the church a face lift, we were ecstatic. We began by taking the old logo and making it much cleaner. Paul wanted to keep the flourish from the old logo, so we took it and made some minor tweaks to make it a bit more iconic. We then ditched the old font for a much cleaner typeface. With a tricolor setup, it easily brought the whole thing to the current age.

Next on the list was a complete overhaul of all print items. We designed a package to give each attender on a sunday morning. Everything is bound together by a pen and looks fantastic. The other perk was the connection card changes. We made the info portion tear-off so that people could hold on to the next steps while still providing information to get involved. The photo featured on print items is the Des Moines skyline, taken from atop the school in which Gateway meets on Sunday mornings.

Thirdly, we completely overhauled their old flash site with a clean, responsive, mobile-ready site. One of the most important pieces to a website is photos. Luckily we have the best photogs around. Dane and Allie got some great shots for the updated site. 

check out their site

After we had finished everything for the adults, it was clear the Gateway Kids needed a fresh look as well. Paul wanted something that still felt like Gateway, but was fresh and more kid centric. So we kept the light and dark grey combo and subbed out the bright green for a bright blue. We kept the font clean, and even incorporated parts of the flourish from the old Gateway logo. 

While the colors did a great job of feeling for kid friendly, we wanted to push it further. So we created this "toy pattern". You could use it wherever texture or background was needed. It also inspired a fourth color, pinkish orange. The combo of the blue and pink feels childlike for obvious reasons, but we also felt that it seemed to trigger the idea of sky/sunset. Once that hit us, we had to hide some clouds in the pattern!

These are banners that we designed to go outside of the kids area. These are about 7ft tall and really popped. The kids area seemed to really come to life with a few of these. It was also really fun to see all of the elements we had designed come together.

"In order to really embrace the move I felt we needed a new look. To accomplish this, I worked with the creative geniuses at One:One. They helped us design everything from the ground up - new colors and fonts, bulletins and offering envelopes, directional signs and banners, the weekly e-newsletter and website - everything was given a new look, while staying true to our established brand.

The end result is nothing short of remarkable. I can not say enough about the talent, the creativity, the passion and the dedication of the staff at One:One. If you are in need of some design, definitely check them out!" -Paul Stewart (Lead Pastor)