Frequently Asked Questions

The days of DVDs and proofs are over, we're moving forward! We'll be publishing all of your edited images using a new software called PASS. PASS is an online gallery that hosts all your beautiful images in one place. This gallery will allow you to share, download, and print any and every photograph. This gallery can also be made into a mobile app, be password protected, and even showcase videos. And...drumroll please...your images will be backed up online for TEN YEARS. Safe from tornadoes, floods, and robbers! Now THAT is peace of mind.

Our Plus and Prime packages include a copyright release, as specified in our contract, which allows you to print the photographs anywhere. That being said, we also encourage you to take full advantage of your personal PASS gallery. Printing from PASS means the images can be printed inexpensively at our professional printing lab and mailed directly to your door. Send the link to family and friends and they can join in on the fun to order their own copies! It is so awesome. Wanting to print elsewhere? Check out these image comparisons of family printing options (Target, Costco, etc). Our Basic package does not include the full copyright release, but copyrights to individual images can be purchased at $1.99 directly through your gallery. It's super easy!

What does a couple’s session entail?

We pride ourselves in a unique engagement shoot experience, which is why we love photographing these sessions so much! During a Couple's Session, we may go out horseback riding, set up hammocks in the woods, or go up in a hot air balloon - wherever our creativity takes us! Basically you get to go on a super fun date and we get to tag along. This is such a great time to take beautiful photos, get to know each other a bit more, and have an incredible adventure together. Engagement Sessions are included in all our packages and we look forward to them with every couple!

Do you offer a la carte items?

Every one of our packages include unlimited photography and videography coverage with the entire One:One team, an engagement session, a Story Video, a photo gallery backed up for 10 years, and an online hub to house all your finished videos (starting at $4999). We start with those things because our team believes they are non-negotiable. You need each one of those to properly share your story, and that's why we're here! The majority of our clients like to spice up the basics and add in things like a ceremony video, iPad album, and slow motion video booth. We'll explain all this and more when we meet! We absolutely offer items that don't come in a pre-built package as well, making your experience with us completely tailored to you! Our most common a la carte items are save-the-dates, gallery wraps, guest books, and print albums. A la carte products can be purchased through your custom online gallery or through us directly. Easy as pie.

What is a video booth?

We're excited to introduce these in 2015! We feel we don't even need to explain the amazingness of a slow-motion video booth. Watch us show you how awesome they are in this slow-mo video we created with our team. Now imagine your wedding guests going crazy with confetti and silly string. You're smiling right now...we know it.

Will all of One:One come to my wedding?

You get the whole team! We'll definitely bring at least three of our team members to your special day, but typically all four of us participate. With multiple creative angles we allow ourselves the ability to truly capture the story of your extraordinary wedding as well as all those intricate details. Plus, we have a whole lot of fun.

How long will your team be at my wedding?

We’re very excited to say that we don’t limit the hours of coverage on your wedding day no matter what package you choose. We’re there from the hairspray in the morning to the break dancing that night. Though we don’t put a cap on our stay, typically our team arrives while the you are getting ready and stays for the majority of the reception. Once we notice the photo and video coverage is getting repetitive, we know its been a great day and it is time to wrap up. When that time comes, we’ll let both of you know. If there is anything else you’d like us to stay for after that, we will definitely do so! Otherwise we’d like to give you a hug and get a jump on the editing process!

Do you give us the RAW footage?

In short, no. The typical wedding day will result in 300-500GB of video footage (which is kind of a lot…). We then take all of that footage and comb through it to select and trim down the clips that you would want to see. These clips are the ones that will be in your Wedding Day Film and if you ordered them, Speeches Video, iPad Album, or Ceremony Video. Apart from these instances, the remaining footage would probably be out of focus, poorly lit, or testing a space before shooting. Not really the kind of footage you would want :)

What about my speeches?

We do offer a separate a la carte item for a speeches video! This is an add-on because we feel it is important to keep our package pricing as affordable as possible, while still including the videos most of our clients and their families truly want i.e. Wedding Day Film and Ceremony Video.

Do I really need a ceremony video?

Even though you personally may not want a Ceremony Video, a lot of family members love them. Especially those that weren't able to make it to the ceremony itself. Our guess is you will love your Wedding Day Film more, but your aunt may prefer your Ceremony Video :) Plus, the ceremony will feel like the fastest part of your day! it is a great keepsake to look back on for years to come and remember those blurry 30 minutes.

My parents want family formals

Great! Our family formals will be perfect for your parents. They are a much more traditional style of photo and will be perfect for your parents Facebook profile. Don't worry though, we try to keep them light, fast and fun so that we get back to the candids that we both love so much!

Travel Costs?

Outside of the midwest: We approach travel costs a little differently than other photography & videography companies. We cap all travel costs at $1000! This means that if you are looking to have our team to your wedding on the coast of Italy, to bring our whole team with your favorite package costs you a thousand bucks extra. No weird little hidden fees to worry about, no massive travel bill tacked onto your invoice. Just pick one of our packages and we will be there.

Inside the midwest: We can drive to you and have friends in lots of places :) This means that our travel costs are usually really affordable. It will just depend on distance and lodging, but we promise we try really hard to keep this cost as low as possible. We love to bunk up in someone’s basement, eat homemade sandwiches, and drive our sweet minivan.

What kind of equipment do you use?

For photography we are Canon fans :) We shoot RAW with 5D Mark iii and lots of Canon lenses. For Videography we use three Panasonic GH4s with Canon lenses. The GH4 shoots in 4K and gives us some really cool Slo-Mo options. We also have lots of toys to go with our GH4s. Most of our work is shot using monopods, but we love our Ronin M and our new Drone is pretty fun as well!

Do you do commercial work?

Yes!!! The boys of One:One actually run a studio called Foreword Film Co. They do everything from promotional material to short films and fine art. You should check them out and let em know you are interested in there abilities at!

Do you help with our Itinerary?

We may not help you put it together, but would love to look it over with you to ensure that we have time for great photo and video opportunities throughout the day. We usually will go over it with you about a month before your wedding day.