Our TIps for beautiful Engagement session Photos

We love engagement sessions because they are relaxed, fun and gorgeous. These are the kinds of photos that you will want to put all over your house and social media profiles :) Listed below are a few things we have found over the years that will make your engagement session a huge success. Keep in mind that these aren't rules, just suggestions! So if you have any ideas of your own, we would love to hear them! At the bottom of this page is our calendar. Feel free to pick a time that works for you guys and we will go on an adventure!


1. Season Matters

It is important to keep in mind the season of your wedding, as you may want images that look drastically different. The most common is a fall engagement session with a summer wedding or a summer session with a fall wedding. Some couples have even ventured into the snow for beautiful winter engagement sessions (which are some of our favorite!). However, if you love the fall and want all of your photos in the same season, we couldn't blame you either :)

Taylor and Josh were a prime example of taking advantage of two different seasons. They chose a beautiful fall day for their engagement session to take advantage of those brightly colored leaves. Those images look completely different from their lush green summer wedding day.

2. Great Clothes

The days of matching white shirts and khakis are behind us (thank heavens!) Finding ways to coordinate your outfits without exactly matching, will result in the best looking images.

Complimentary colors look great on camera and with most skin tones, particularly Dark Blues & Salmon/Mustard/White/Grey.  Pinterest is a gold mine for getting ideas of colors and patterns that go great together. You can never bring too much, so feel free to load your car with outfits and we can make adjustments if needed while on the shoot.

3. Create an Adventure

We pride ourselves in really personalizing each Engagement Session. After all, when will you ever have photographs taken like this again? We want you experiencing an adventure together!

You love horse back riding? Let's ride into the horizon.
Your Grandma lives on a sweet farm with baby goats? Lets go pet them.
You like board games? Let's set one up in the middle of a street.
Your neighbor owns a hot air balloon? Up we go!
You like drive in movies? Let's go cuddle.
Your uncle has a sail boat? Anchors away!
You get the idea.

Think outside the box! Sit down together and talk about what you either love to do together OR an adventure you have always wanted to have! Now let's go do that.

4. Bring Props

What makes you two have fun? Bring that. For example, we had a couple that loved to do crossword puzzles. For part of their engagement session we had them laying in a field doing crossword puzzles together. They were laughing, having a great time, and it was so natural!

Those kinds of photos turn out amazing. Because it's so you! Feel free to also bring an outfit dedicated for just a few fun photographs! This outfit could be a costume or simply some funny hats or glasses. It'll make one crazy photo to hang on the fridge, use as a Christmas card, or show your grandkids when you're 80. Some of our previous couples have dressed up as penguins, worn their footie pajamas, rocked fake mustaches, and more. Super simple, but it is always so fun!


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