Winter Engagement Session Advice

Mentally Prepare Yourself

While posing and direction from your photographer is essential to a successful engagement session, the most important aspect is actually the two of you showing your genuine love for each other. We can't make this stuff up. You have to show us! Be prepared to kiss, laugh, and snuggle even when your body is begging you to go find heat. Too cold? Cuddle closer! Hug tighter! We are not going inside until the ultimate shot has been captured, so prepare yourself in advance. It'll be worth it :)

Dress for the weather

With bare trees and snow on the ground it doesn't make sense to wear your favorite summer dress and heels to your winter engagement session, but that doesn't mean you have to dress like the little brother from A Christmas Story either. Fleece lined leggings, vests, flannel, sweaters, and pea coats all help you stay warm while also adding a bit of fashion and variety to your outfit choices.

Switch up your look with different winter accessories

Go crazy with hats, mittens, scarves, and anything else you can find! Sometimes simply adding or subtracting an accessory can create an entirely different image. Plus, it's a quick change and doesn't involve you taking off your jacket! 

Bring a Prop

Winters can be a bit dreary with gray skies, white (or brown) snow, and leafless trees. Spice things up by including an item or two that brings life to your photographs. (Note: Try to refrain from going on Pinterest and copying what has already been done. Think outside the box. What do you two love to do together? What's something you've always wanted to do? etc.) 

Have fun doing a winter activity

Taking your mind off the cold is easy when you're DOING something. Sledding, snowball fights, ice skating, winter bonfires (don't forget the s'mores)! Go big or don't go at all!

Visit two different Locations

Downtown or main street locations offer amazing backdrops with interesting angles, reflections, and lighting options, but photographing buildings and streets doesn't show the beauty of winter. If your photographer is open to it, take time before or after to also visit a location with snow on the ground and evergreen trees (i.e. a wooded area, park, etc)


Other Suggestions Include:

-If your photographer allows, schedule 2 different appointments within the same week. When the weather is posted for the week choose the day with the better forecast and cancel the other.

-Snow. You want snow.

-Bring something warm to drink and tuck hand warmers into your pockets.

-To avoid having the cold air give you a red nose in your photos, spend 10-15 minutes shooting outside then run back to your car to warm up. Repeat.

-Chapstick and Kleenex sure come in handy.

-Be prepared to adapt to the conditions. There may be times you have to sit in the snow and there may be times when a spontaneous snowball fight begins. Go with it!

-Bringing small, white washcloths to sit on in the snow can save you some serious booty frostbite. Tuck it underneath, and you can't even see it!

-When all else fails, have a luau.