Will and Amanda's Northwestern Wedding

As you can see in all of their photos, Amanda and Will are a couple of beautiful people. What you can't see as clearly is how wonderful they are as people. Even on their wedding day, they were caring, fun-loving, and perhaps most pertinently, more concerned with their guests than they were with themselves. 

We always try to find a thread of the day to emphasize, and we thought the relationship with Amanda's Uncle John and Aunt Terry was a nice place to start. Though it only captures a portion of their wedding day, and a glimpse at the people in their lives, we hope you enjoy what we found to be a story worth telling. Thanks for everything Lynches, Flors, and especially Will and Amanda, we had a terrific day celebrating with you.

Venue: University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Caterer: University of Northwestern

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe - St. Paul

Bridesmaid Dresses - Macy's

Tuxes - Men's Wearhouse

Cake: Queen of Cakes

Makeup and Hair: Michelle