Why Video is (so) Important

The ball has begun to roll. Booking season is upon us, and brides (and grooms as well, of course) everywhere are hard at work planning what will undoubtedly be one of the stand-out days of their lifetime. 

Moving pictures keep the day more… Alive.

Photography is by and large the most popular way of remembering this day. Thousands of images are taken, edited, printed, and slid into beautiful leather-clad albums (or on an iPad) for reflecting in the days and years to come. We love this. We think this process is wonderfully effective, and has been for years. The times are changing however, and while we think photo does wonders at preserving memories, we find that supplementing the day by adding moving picture keeps the day more… alive.

We loved this moment of craziness, as did this rowdy wedding party...

... but mostly because the bottle didn't explode as expected, and it was really funny. See more here!

Life as we know is not still, its dynamic.

Story is crucial to what we do. It is what ignites our excitement for all the different couples we work with, and is honestly what keeps the multitude of videos we make special in their own rite. Photo has been capturing story for decades, but there’s a reason watching movies is not only popular, but personally investing for those who watch. Frankly, the properties of video simply allow for viewers to connect more easily with the content. Life as we know is not still, its dynamic; sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it’s quiet, but there is noise. Photo leaves room for your imagination, and video pushes it. A picture of your spouse tearing up at the sight of you is not the same as seeing the full moment and ambiance of the moment your eyes meet, leading to those gentle and happy tears.

See photography and video of Fallon and Joe's wedding (full of old cars and tattoos) here.


Regret. Not a word we like to hear.

We’ve had many of our past photography-only clients mention that they truly regret omitting video from their day. Regret. Not a word we like to hear. And it’s not that photo didn’t cover everything they’d expected, but they thought of ways that video would have captured the story of the day in a different and uniquely effective way. Aside from our own personal fervor for the power of film, we want our future clients to be fully satisfied with the record of their wedding, and mentioning the regret of past clients is one way to avoid that.

Capturing who you two are as a couple through both photography and video creates a powerful way to relive your wedding in beautiful, creative detail. We have spent the past few years separating these two services and seemed to always walk away with a client who regrets not having both. We genuinely want you to have the best experience possible, so we feel we can’t hold back one major form of storytelling. We feel so strongly that these two arts should go hand in hand, that we’ve deleted the option to choose them separately. This not only ensures a fantastic experience with our entire team, but provides you both with a timeless way to remember your most special day.
— Wise words from our FAQ page

When all is said and done, we want you to be happy with the content from your wedding. We just want you to know that the fact that all of our packages are photo and video is not a sly business tactic, we honestly think it’s the best way of giving you something to truly grasp from such a momentous day in your life.