How to Choose your Wedding Shoes


1. Length of standing time and amount of movement during your wedding day (If your ceremony is over an hour and then you're hiking up a mountain for photos, you might not want to wear stilettos)

2. Feel of your wedding (Casual? Rustic? High End?)

3. Season (Getting snow in your flats or heels would be quite uncomfortable)

4. Use (Can you wear them again? If not, is the investment worth the cost in your wedding budget?)

5. Are your shoes highlighting and complementing your wedding gown or stealing the spotlight? Is that what you want?

Let's narrow down your search to 4 different types of wedding shoes listed below. Oh! And we've already made your Pros and Cons lists for you :)

Casually Fun Footwear to Showcase Your Personality


Adding something to your wedding look that represents YOU while also keeping you comfortable.

Most likely affordable, AND you get to wear them again! 


Choosing a casual shoe with a stunning wedding gown can be tough. Make sure not to take away from the dress!

You might regret not splurging on wedding shoes. Ask yourself if getting out of your tennis-shoe comfort zone and rocking stilettos for once would be worth it! 

Amy and Justin chose to get married in the foothills of Colorado...and it's way too hard to hike and explore the trails in heels! Amy wore Vans to contrast with her elegant, backless wedding dress. (See their Mountain Wedding here!) 
Amanda and Dan had their wedding at our favorite Chapel, and sported Toms. Another example of Toms looking great at every occasion! Amanda paired these with her dreamy, chiffon wedding dress for a casual outdoor ceremony (See their wedding at The Woods here!)

Custom Designed Heels for High End Uniqueness


Jaws drop when the tips of your shoes peek out from beneath your gown. 

They're custom made for you. If that's not like a fairytale, I'm not sure what is.


These are expensive, and you may not be able to return them if the fit is off.

Dena and Shawn were married on the San Francisco coast at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. She complemented her Oscar de la Renta wedding gown with these stunning, custom made heels. Yes, each one of these jewels was placed by hand (click to enlarge and see the beauty up close!). Holy cow. See their San Fran wedding photography and video here!

Flats for Comfort (with a dash of Fancy)


Dress up your toes without sacrificing comfort! 

Avoid awkwardly hobbling around (for those of us that can't pull off stilettos)


Typically these types of shoes aren't anything spectacular. Yes, it is possible to have awesome flats (and we've included examples below), but it'll take some searching to find a unique and special pair.

Katie and James were married at a barn in Iowa and hosted a rustic, casual celebration that included pizza from Gusto Pizza Co (our fave!) made outside in a food truck and then served fresh to guests. Katie prides herself in simplicity and chose this set of mini heels as a comfortable, yet chic accessory to pair with her modest wedding gown. 
Reagan loves gold, and (apart from her white ballgown) she incorporated the color wherever possible! Which brings us to these gold jellies at the Carroll airport :) You'll want to see this epic first look! 
If your wedding dress is already full of detail, complement it with simple footwear! Natalie's blingy sandals worked perfectly with the beading on the back of her gown. The combination looked beautiful, and Natalie didn't aerate the lawn while she walked down the isle at her outdoor ceremony. Win! (See Natalie's Country Club Wedding here!)
OneOne Wedding Shoes 028.jpg

Classic Heels for a Timeless Look


If you are looking for a timeless, elegant, traditional wedding shoe, beautiful heels are the way to go.

This look has not (and will never) go out of style. Timeless!

You can add spice to this traditional style by choosing fun colors or designs, but ultimately the heel will always look fantastic.


A wedding day can be 14+ hours, and your feet will hurt. (repeat x3)

When venturing out for photography, heels will be not only be difficult to walk in, but you and your bridesmaids will most likely be sinking into the grass with each step (and dirtying up your heel!)

This Chicago bride (see Vicky's Crazy Polish Wedding here!), Stillwater bride, and Waconia bride (see Annamarie's High Class, Backyard Wedding here!) all chose classy heels to match their elegantly themed weddings. 
OneOne Wedding Shoes 027.jpg