Spotlight: Observer Drift

Cover art from Ward's new album.

Cover art from Ward's new album.

Just over a year ago One:One did an interview with musician Collin Ward on the release of his first album. Collin is an old friend of Alec's and mine, so we can't help but get excited with the unique work he's creating. He's made it on to multiple radio stations in Minneapolis, and even did a live show not too long ago. All that said, here we are, a year later, and Observer Drift has just released a new full length album entitled "Fjords."  

Listen to Fjords here.

His work remains nostalgic and airy as it was before. However, I notice a more somber, perhaps relaxed mood making its way through each song, which has created a nice progression to the Observer Drift archive of music. Moving away from more iconic lo-fi music of Corridors, Ward seems to be veering towards the stylings of artists such as Bon Iver, [just not that sad] or Radiohead, with ghostly vocals over meandering melodies. This is not to say that a few waves of pop don't make their way on to the album ["Lingonberry" and "Binary Love"], and the LP as a whole flows well from front to back, always holding the listener's interest with new surprises along the way. It might not be fair to compare Observer Drift with the above artists, because what Ward has here is a really unique new sound, a sort of amalgamation of what are likely his own musical influences. Currently unsigned, Collin continues to produce his work from home, but still amazes listeners with crisp home-studio production quality [c'mon somebody, just sign this guy already]. 

Fjords is just $8 on Bandcamp [$10 on iTunes] so if you're looking for some new music, hop on over and get a great album for a great deal [or pay more because you love it so much!]. We hope to see Collin continue to create, and look so forward to seeing where it all goes!

To buy or listen, head here.