Allie & Bobby's Anniversary

Owning a photo and video company means we love and value documenting moments in people's lives more than most. It also means we typically forget to document our own memories. When Bobby surprised me with this "engagement session", it was such a special and thoughtful way to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. This was a blast, and who better to photograph us than the amazing Dane Pedersen? (He's seriously amazing and works on our One:One team full time).


To our wonderful clients - Being on the other side of the camera is tough stuff! You guys are rockstars and handle being the center of attention with ease. Ten gold stars for all of you!

P.S. We encourage you all to head over to Claddagh in Saint Paul for coffee. This place is fantastic, and you won't regret it. Remember to order the Saltydog or Black & Tan!