Our Purpose: A Series

"If our vision was better defined, these choices would be easier to make."  - Alec

This statement was made to me just over three months ago.  We were in the middle of making some incredibly difficult decisions and trying to navigate what felt like an ocean of grey. Through discussion as a team, it became clear that I hadn't done my job as our leader. Alec did what I hope someone in your life is willing to do — he called me out.

I had never fully defined our purpose. 

Several months before this moment, we made a video explaining "Why we do what we do". While we still agree with what was said in that video, it became clear that we needed more. The parameters were too loose. We needed things to be black and white. This led to a lot of discussion about the calling we all feel on our lives, both individually and as a group. How those callings play into art, creation and business. 

Every decision has to be filtered through our purpose and mission. If we don't keep a tight focus, we will be wandering aimlessly in the world of other creative companies. Trying to look like them, act like them, and feel like them. But we aren't them.

We want to be us.

We want to be what we were created to be.

We want to be intentional. 

This is so important to our team. That we don't just know when to say yes or no, but that we say them for the right reasons. So in the coming days and weeks we will be discussing the things that make us tick. Taking just one piece at a time, I want to take you deeper into the why. This is for both of us. I hope that you see what makes us different and I hope we become advocates for our creative cause with extreme fervor. 

Here is what is ahead:


Part 1: God introduces Himself.

Part 2: Infinite Value.


Part 3: Stories - Your Part

Part 4: Stories - Our Part

Capturing Renewal

Part 5: What Counts as Renewal?

Part 6: What Counts as Capturing?


Part 7: 10 Years

Part 8: Legacy


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