10 Memorable Moments of 2015

Obviously we have a blast with every single one of our clients, but here we've compiled some of our favorite moments (and shots), in no particular order, from the 2015 wedding season. It's been a good year. Enjoy!

1. Orchard Antics

First on the list is Bridget and Jon laughing uncontrollably while making a pie in an apple orchard. Bridget loves pie that much. So much in fact, that it kicked a "wedding cake" right out of the equation. That's right, they had wedding pie.

2. Tough competition

We drove a long way to get to this South Dakota wedding, and it was absolutely gorgeous there. What we found however, that was even amongst the beauty of the wilderness, Jordan still stole the show.

3. Rain, Rain, Stay for the day

We loved these shots, and the day that followed, because no matter if the rain was down pouring or the sun peeked out, Kelly and Rocco were just thrilled to be standing next to one another. I don't know that we had to ask for a smile all day.

4. a great realization

We all like to think this was the very moment that it finally hit Hunter that he truly married Bri. Yeah, we know he's a great guy, but boy, Bri is awesome, and Hunter knows how special it is to be on the receiving end of that smooch.

5. The wooded glen

We love when the venue provides opportunities for some added beauty. This is the moment in Megan and David's day that we realized there was a beautiful willow overlooking calm waters just a stone's throw away. As you can see, David helped us get Megan down there efficiently, and with style of course.

6. Troublemakers

These two pups did not want to be in photos, which could have been a real frustrating moment for Lauren and Mitch's engagement shoot. Thankfully, rather than get mad, they laughed, and came away with some even better shots because of it!

7. In tears

This was a special moment for our team to be a part of. It was the first look of Andrew and Christine's wedding day. We could tell just how excited they were to see each other. What we didn't expect (shame on us) was that the very sight of his soon-to-be-bride would bring Andrew to tears. It was nice to say the least.

8. The perfect light

It was beautiful most of the day for Derek and Danielle, and they had to have been one of our most relaxed couples. What made this so special of a moment was that in addition to a truly content couple, we were gifted with the perfect sunset. If I remember right, all of us shooting audibly announced how good the light was, and how long it had been since we had seen anything like it!

9. Watch me

There's never any way to be prepared for everything on a wedding day, and to be quite honest we as the photographers and videographers welcome the unexpected. Well Tom and Jenny delivered, when they decided that before heading back to the reception for some dancing, they would warm up near the Mississippi river. By "whipping" and "nay-nay-ing" of course.

10. Rochester gothic

Sometimes we try things and they don't work. Lighting might be off, posing might be wrong, or it just simply might not be right for the couple. One pose we try regularly is what we call "The Stoic." To this day I cannot recall any couple who pulled it off better than Ian and Miranda on their wedding day. Bravo.

Well there you have it! We as the One:One Team had a blast last year, and have much already on the horizon of 2016. We will be working on an updated video reel in the next couple of months, with some of our favorite moments of moving picture from last year, so stay tuned.