Keep On Moving

So, this post is both sad and exciting for the One:One team. Sad first.

We didn't meet our goal for The Move Project Documentary Kickstarter we've been pushing for the past month or so. In fact, we were quite shy of our goal, and that's okay. We are thrilled that we had the support we had, and have hope that this doesn't demolish the vision of making this film. Tsipasi still has a beautiful story of renewal to tell, and we still desire to tell it. Money is a silly thing to let get in the way.

And the glad?

We've decided that we will press on. We will have more garage sales. We will make cookies like madmen (and madwomen) for bake sales. We will continue to ask for help from anyone who's listening. We will take ideas and advice on fundraising. It will all probably even be a little obnoxious, but that's how important we think this story is. We can deal with that.

All of us believe strongly that story can change the world, because we think it already has in small and large scales. Since we truly believe the power of story, it would be, quite simply put, foolish for us to give up on pursuing the story that's unfolding in Ghana.

Tsipasi still has clean water. More than water, they see people committing to them, not just their ability to get clean water. That is a powerful change that will ripple through the coming generations in that village. People at our garage sale were moved to tears when they heard what we were raising money for. If we can at least move people from a state of inaction to action, then we are bringing renewal in more ways than just clean water.

We humbly ask you who read this for your help, and not solely in the form of money. We are asking for a little more skin in the game: Can you spread the word about The Move Project, the Film, and Tsipasi? Would you partner with us in doing whatever it takes to restore this region in Ghana? Would you believe that hope, love and story are strong enough to bring some renewal to this world? 

A huge "thanks" ahead of time,


Learn more about Tsipasi here: The Move Project