Inspiration: Spencer Combs


Over the last several years, one of our constant inspirations has been Spencer Combs. Keep in mind I am intentional in not saying the work of Spencer Combs. The reason is, he is an incredible inspiration. Although we have never had the chance to meet him, we have met some of his clients, and all of them rave about him. He is fun, personable and genuine. We have always aspired to have these kinds of relationships with our clients, and much of that flows from his example.

His creativity is also a serious motivation. This guy is in love with all forms of the arts and it shows! Over the years he has done everything from being voted the "Best Photographer of the Year" by Minnesota Bride Magazine, to releasing an album

Mr. Combs may remain just an online, admired friend, but his influence in our work and creativity is ever-present. If you haven't ever had the chance to see his work, head over to his incredible website and check him out, it is well worth your time.