How to Choose your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Clicking with your creative team come wedding day is super important.


But there are many other things to consider before booking that team. We've taken it upon ourselves to make a list for you.

Things to consider when booking your creative team:


You are with your photographers and videographers longer than anyone else on the day of your wedding. They film the initial hairspray, and they're still there when your cousin starts breakdancing. 

You need to love your creative team...or it's possible you might go insane with them in your space all day.

Does their personality complement or contrast with the feel of your wedding? If your ceremony will be quiet and intimate, consider hiring a more introverted or photojournalistic photographer. If you plan to have a wedding rave, booking a creative that is outgoing ensures they can handle your loud family and crazy bridal party and are comfortable taking charge. Someone needs to round up those party animals!


Do you find yourself online, immersed in their photos or videos for hours on end? That's a good sign and probably means your styles are similar. A difference in style can mean a totally different assortment of photos. Some work can be photojournalistic, traditional, grunge, vintage, elegant/romantic, the list goes on. It is also important to know if your photographer will be more hands-on with posing or someone that simply blends into the background and doesn't interfere. Which do you prefer?

Disclaimer: Avoid choosing a creative team and later requesting they change their shooting or editing style. Your photographer will feel less confident creating art outside of their specialty and ultimately deliver a product to you that isn't their best, frustrating both parties involved. (Example: Asking a romantic, elegantly styled photographer to pose fun, candid images rather than the beautiful, soft work they are known for.) Trust them to deliver the incredible work you've already seen on their website or in their portfolio, and let them run wild with creative ideas!


Let's be real. Budget is a factor when making any wedding related decision. Are you going to feel good about your purchase after the wedding? If you have an option for allocating more toward photo and video than other parts of your wedding (cake, decorations, flowers, etc), we recommend you do it. If at all possible, move money around to guarantee a quality creative team at your wedding. We've heard from countless couples that their biggest regret is not having more/better photo and video from their day.

This team will document the day you've been planning for months and the start of your marriage together. It's a big job, and ensuring they capture the day in the way you want to remember it is essential - which may mean a larger investment. You get what you pay for. However, and this is where One:One disagrees with a few wedding vendors, we believe you should not financially stress yourselves out to make it happen. Beginning a marriage in debt after planning an event to celebrate it doesn't seem to make sense to us. In the end, you get to marry your best friend. You get to make a covenant to each other and God in the company of your closest family and friends. That's what actually matters. To keep things in perspective, we believe photography and videography is without a doubt number one on the list of importance during wedding planning. Regarding the sanctity of marriage, nothing matters but you two and your relationship with Christ. 

Read Why Video is so (so) Important for Dane's take on the value of wedding video.


WHY do they shoot weddings? Ask them! Does this photographer or videographer shoot because they love pausing time and capturing your special moments? Sometimes shopping for a photographer that is passionate about their work will get you better results than shopping for one that solely has skill. While the photographers that book 2-3 weddings every weekend are obviously full of talent, consider asking what drives them to fill their schedule so much. Money? Traveling? Creating new relationships? Eating wedding cake?


Do they possess the character traits that you admire in a person? It is important that an individual not only be a photographer, but also a man or woman of intergrity. Before booking with a professional photographer, be confident that they will be honest with you as their client and respect your beliefs and ideals.

Legal/Professional/fancy stuff

The professional you are considering to document your wedding day needs to be just that. Professional. Do they have business insurance? Do they have a contract that protects them as a business and you as a client? Do they pay taxes and have an honest, registered company? What happens if they get sick on the wedding day? Do they have a plan B? These answers can typically separate a professional that offers a safe, quality experience and an amateur photographer. Nothing against beginner photographers out there (more power to you!) but you need this business to be legit or you will regret it later. 

After reviewing these topics with your photographer and videographer, you'll have a much better idea of who you're hiring to capture your special day!