Engagement Session Favorites


Winter is tough in the midwest, and it takes just the right mix of love and crazy to schedule a winter engagement session. Snowball fights, iceskating, and winter picnics makes having the shivers so worth it. We understand that winter engagement sessions aren't for everyone. Read this article to see if taking photos in the winter is something you'd be able to live through!)



Spring, spring, spring! Minnesota has thawed out, and everyone is officially outside enjoying the first Vitamin D they've had in months. This year we got to play cribbage, shoot guns, have a water fight in a creek, and roast mallows with great people. I'd say spring was a win.



Favorite. BBQ, swimming, heat, and wedding season :) This year our clients had picnicsnautical adventures at sea, and the occasional snuggling session in a field. Right on.



Dane, Bobby, and Alec's most beloved season. The cool breeze, hot cider, and light jackets are things they look forward to every year. Me? I love it for the color...and for the pie bakingpumpkin carving, and tire swinging, of course!

What a great year at One:One. Can't wait to attend all these weddings and more!