The American Spirit of Sam Orosz

Samuel Orosz

Having recently finished my art schooling, I have a small list of artist peers who deserve more spotlight than they currently have. So every now and then, I'll do a little schoolmate spotlight to try and push them into the public eye a bit more. 

Today? Sam Orosz! One of my best friends and the most skilled printer I know. Not the - computer ink cartridges, cords, and printer paper- printing. I'm talking ink, rollers, fancy paper, and giant presses - Gutenberg style. He was my art mate for at least 6 years of life, and has grown from a Bob Dylan look-alike to a clean cut printing wiz.

Black Rollers 1935, Plate Lithography on BFK Reeves, 11"x17"

His work most recently has focused on significant American historical events of the past few hundred years. So please, give his portfolio some time today as you sip down your morning coffee, and enjoy his beautiful talent put to action.

Also, he just got work into an international exhibit! Go Sammy go.

Blackfish, Stone Lithography on BFK Reeves, 7.5"x 11"

Moving for The Move Project

Recently we've spent a large portion of our efforts promoting the making of a documentary for a non-profit called The Move Project. Not only is it run by good friends of ours, Sam and Nick Mahlstadt, but we truly believe that what they are doing matters. We don't mean this in a - "its relevant to us" - way, we mean that this company is changing the world. They are bettering lives, meeting needs, and freeing those who are trapped, one step at a time. 

Just today, The Move Project was featured in the city paper, The Des Moines Register. When you find time today, head to the site and watch Sam share his hope and his heart, and get a little more detail about this world-changing group.

Heck, Sam even name drops One:One, so that's cool too. Once you've finished with that, zoom on over to The Move Project's website and get involved! Wednesday is as good a day as ever to Move, so get moving. 

*The Move Project Kickstarter is still running as well, and if you are so inclined, we welcome your help with open arms.

Our Annual Colorado Trip

Every year our team jumps in the car and goes to Colorado for some time to explore, relax, and party. This year we spent three days backpacking in the beautiful Lost Creek Wilderness! It is a 35 mile loop that we set out to do, but due to snow and some pulled muscles, it turned into about 20 miles. It is always so much fun to get away with our team and make new memories. Next year we have officially decided to try someplace new! Montana, Wyoming....who knows!? If you have any ideas, let us know!

Music: Elevate by St. Lucia (It is so good...go buy their album. I am begging you.) 

Food: Salsa Latina in Colorado Springs. The best smothered burritos and tres leches cake in the world. 

Sneak Peak: Iowa Job Honor Awards

A couple months back we were contacted by a local business man and entrepreneur, Kyle Horn. Kyle was starting a new non-profit that would bring recognition to people that have had a checkered past, but have turned their life around. I love how he explains it:

"Our society celebrates lottery winners, celebrities and professional athletes. We rarely hear inspiring stories of individuals who have lifted themselves from poverty through the hard work and perseverance that leads to meaningful employment. By publicly honoring these individuals we inspire others. We promote the programs that offer a helping hand. Perhaps most importantly, we rekindle hope and energize the work ethic by shining a spotlight on successful role models. It’s time for a new kind of hero."

It has been an honor to be a part of this start-up. The website will be launching early next week. Can't wait to show you all!