A Basic Invite from Basic Invite

It's hard to say, but we have to confess: we are incapable in helping you with every aspect of your wedding.

While we have high confidence in our ability to capture the photography and video of the day, we really wouldn't know where to begin with baking your seven-tiered cake or arranging your bouquet, and we definitely don't have a space for all 300 of your wedding guests. 

For this reason, we've gotten in the habit of recommending other wedding companies that share a similar outlook on quality when it comes to their product, and a care for the customer that leads their decision-making process. Today, we're going to talk up our friends over at Basic Invite for their rockstar system in getting you some beautiful and customized paper materials for your wedding (and all the events that surround it). 

What we think you should know above all else with choosing Basic Invite is the fact that with it comes a seemingly infinite number of choices. Choices. We love choices at One:One, because each and every couple is so unique that we think it should very obviously reflect in their wedding day. Without diverse choices available, every wedding starts to look eerily similar. Be it unique save the dates or beautiful bridal shower invites, this print shop has you covered.

Basic Invite has what they call "almost unlimited colors," which for the average joe might as well just be "unlimited colors." There's a HUGE array of envelope options to go with it. They also tout 200 wedding set options. This part is great, because we know that the general population does not have a degree in graphic design. Once you find a design you love, say, for the invite, and a color scheme that fits, the wedding set process assures you that there will be correlating designs for every step of the rest of the wedding events (save the dates, invites, enclosure cards, menus, programs, and thank you's).

At this point you'd have the design and color scheme, which means it's about time to print. Basic Invite is one of the few print shops out there that will send you a custom sample of your invite on the paper you desired, in the design and color you chose. Gone are the days of ordering 500 invites in hopes that they look... alright; you can see it with your own eyes and be sure you love them.

And when you've finally decided, ordered and packaged all your invites, rest assured, because the envelopes are peel and seal, which, in our opinion, is much safer than the alternative.

So check them out! They might just make your planning that much easier, and your invites that much more beautiful. To learn more about Basic Invite, head over to their website. Bonus: they also have accounts at all of these places, so gather inspiration there: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

PS: Actually almost forgot to mention, you now have the option to print in Gold and Silver foil. I said GOLD, people. 'Nuff said.